that creative thing

Writing and blogging.

I love to write and I love languages. I am a communicative person, which only makes sense as I am created in God’s image, and He’s communicative. This blog is my little corner of the world where I can indulge in my need to tell people about what Jesus did and why it matters. Words are wonderful things. In fact, God created all there is with the simple words, Let there be…

Subject matter doesn’t.

Matter, that is. I like to write about whatever God is saying to me and I hope what I write can be a source of information, faith-building, and community to my readers (that’s you). Whatever God is speaking to me will surely end up on this blog. I often “hear” His voice through images, and when I do, I want to share it all with you.

Creating something beautiful.

When I see something beautiful, I immediately start wondering how I can create that same feeling or look with my own hands. I love to get hands-on with a new medium or a technique I’ve never  tried before. Then I want to see how you respond to it and what improvements or changes you do with a similar (or the same) idea. I’m really into bullet journaling and I love hand lettering the pages and finding interesting ways to record things that matter to me. I finished my first journal of more than 200 pages in just over two months. Then I realized I could combined BUJO (bullet journaling) with Scripture study, and so I developed my course, How to Create a Scripture Journal, which will be available soon on this website.

I want to share what I’m learning with you.

It’s been said that the difference between the Jordan River and the Dead Sea is life and death. Because the Jordan is running, it is also teaming with life. On the other hand, the Dead Rea has no outlet, just an inlet that lets water in. Nothing lives in the Dead Sea. I want to be like the Jordan River, so I want to share what God’s doing in my life in the hopes that you’ll share what He’s doing in yours. I’m also a magnet for information. I love learning new things, and I’m currently working hard to improve my blog. There are a slew of bloggers out there who will willingly share what they’ve learned on their blogging journeys, and I want to be one of them. So as I learn new things and discover new ways, I promise to share it all with you.

What my son says about creativity really says it all.

You can read his thoughts here.

And I hope you’ll share, too!

I love comments (like all bloggers do), so I hope you’ll feel free to fill me in on your thoughts. That’s really what bloggers live for, you know! I would like to feature your post on my blog, if appropriate, or have you guest write for me, if you’re interested and we’re a fit. Contact me if you want to share.

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