You Are God’s Best Friend

The loneliest place in all the world is where you are right now, if you have no special friend. A best friend is someone with whom you can be perfectly at ease and who hears you and knows you fully without judging you.


Who is that for you?

Imagine yourself walking down a street in the fall, with beautifully colored fallen leaves swirling around your feet and the light that amazing gold that only happens in autumn. You are so comfortable with your friend at your side that you don’t apply any filters when you talk. You say exactly what’s on your mind, and so does your friend. Together, you enjoy an intimacy in communication reserved for just you two.

In the Amplified Bible, Paul is thanking his friends at Philippi for their fellowship just as much as for their contributions as they help him spread the gospel. He recognizes that we are not meant to walk this path alone, because if we did, we would miss the amazing splendor that God has created in the fellowship of other believers. In other words, instead of the beautiful day of the fall with all its golden glory, we would see the ugliness of the fall where sin has corrupted everything that surrounds us.

Philippians 1:3-5 reads: “I thank my God in every remembrance of you,  always offering every prayer of mine with joy [and with specific requests] for all of you,  [thanking God] for your participation and partnership [both your comforting fellowship and gracious contributions] in [advancing] the good news [regarding salvation] from the first day [you heard it] until now (AMP).”

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That’s the kind of relationship God longs to have with you. You say exactly what’s on your heart with no fear of reprisal or recrimination. You have His full attention and He understands even better than you do what you’re trying to say. His smile warms His eyes as He looks at you with perfect, genuine love.

If you’re struggling to believe that God wants this kind of “BFF” relationship with you, then you haven’t fully understood your status as a child of the high King. When Jesus died, He did so to resurrect you from death to life. His substitutionary death paid every penalty for every sin you’ve ever committed or ever will commit.

Your communication with God is without restraint because He has completely remade you in His image.

“Then God [plural elohim] said, “Let Us [plural pronoun] make man in Our [plural pronoun] image, according to Our [plural pronoun] likeness.” Genesis 1:26

God was complete before He began to create. He did not need to make man for His own companionship; the Triune God had complete, perfect fellowship as an attribute of His character. So when He made man in His image, He created a being that would crave the companionship that He, Himself, enjoyed in the Godhead. Then, He created woman.

So that made two: man and woman (human fellowship). But God’s image is trinitarian, so in order to make man in His image, a third was needed. And that third is God Himself.

Can you even imagine God the Father not sharing all things with God the Son and God the Holy Spirit? Of course not! Therefore, as part of the fellowship God has created, He will likewise share all good things with you. Your communication with God need not be fearful or restrained. Believe me, God has already heard it all—and He has forgiven it all.

Now when you walk down that street with your best friend, remember that God is there with you. Share whatever is on your heart and don’t hold back. Communication with best friends is a unique treasure that God wants to share in its entirety with you.

Let go! Talk to this “best friend forever” in what is truly an eternal friendship. 



God is talking. Are you?

“No longer do I call you servants, for the servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all that I have heard from my Father I have made known to you (John 15:51 ESV).”


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