It’s true that we are a visual society. When we encounter a page of text, few of us will spend much time there. Especially if the text is not broken up into small bites. That’s why you need awesome photographs for your blog! Awhile back, I wrote a post about finding free photos that would make your posts more engaging.

And now it’s time to update the list!

Since that last post, I’ve found an amazing site called Canva. It’s the easiest photo editor I’ve found for making images with text for just about anything you can think of. Although I do use Photoshop, Canva is where I design my pins for Pinterest, posts for Instagram, and blog images for O! Susannah!

But what’s even more exciting is that it is yet another place to find free awesome photographs you can add to your designs. (Yes, they have some you have to purchase, but I can almost always find something I can use for free.)

Let me give you an example.

I decided to design a Pinterest pin for “TOMES, A Weekly Digest of My Favorite Posts” which is something I send out to my subscribers. Here are the two examples.

This one was created in Photoshop. It took me about five minutes to create because I didn’t have the fonts and needed to find them and download them. The size is 120kb.


This one was designed in Canva in about 15 seconds. It’s drawback is size at 576kb. To do a third option, I decided to change the photo. Changing the photo was as easy as choosing one (this one I uploaded from Unsplash) and dropping it over the current photo. Canva immediately resized it to fit the space.


This time I decided to save it as a png and it was even bigger. It was 861 kb. If you understand Photoshop and use it, you can easily open the Canva design and resave it as a jpg or png to save space.

So do you want the download of places to find free awesome photographs?

Of course you do. Just click on the image there to the right. It’s a pdf with links in it to each place I found a good source for free awesome photographs.

So I ask you… what places have you found that you would add?

[download id=”2012″]

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