messianicsedertitleIT WAS a wonderful evening! Our messianic seder meant that we read the Haggadah and ate the meal and made cotton lambs… the kids, really too little to participate, sat in our laps and listened to the story and drank grape juice every time we drank wine. It was magical! Here are a few pictures from the table:
IMG_3573The Seder plate: traditional foods and two white candles. Note: the plate is a pizza tin covered with strips from an antique hymnal. Normally, the two candles don’t go on the plate. I just liked them there.
Since the last Sacrificial Lamb was slain, we substituted a wooden cross for the lamb shank.
The place setting had a bowl for Matzah Ball Soup, with the traditional (although not a real) egg, a plate for charoset,
and a dinner plate, fork, knife and spoon.
The food was so good! The potatoes were the best I’ve ever eaten, although I changed the recipe just slightly. I substituted red potatoes for russet, and left the skins on. Unbelievably good, and it will be traditional for us for Passover from now on. We substituted baklava for the chocolate cake, since our son doesn’t like chocolate (I know! Where did we go wrong?!).
One other thing we changed. We did not have an Elijah cup, since the Lord proclaimed in Matthew 11:13-14 that Elijah had already come in the person of John the Baptist.
As I told my son, since the kids all moved away, all our traditions have kind of fallen away, since they were largely built around the kids. So it’s nice to have one tradition that is ours alone. Though the kids said they’d be there next year, too. I replied, “If the Lord tarries, next year in Jerusalem!”

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