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05 Aug

Doll- Primitive Collectible

primitive doll

Actual baby dress

image image

THIS ONE-OF-A-KIND Primitive collectible doll is hand stitched and sculpted to have an unforgettable face! She’s approximately 18″ tall and is made in the primitive style. Hand dyed for a slightly aged look, she wears an authentic baby dress fit for a newborn. Her hair is the softest, silkiest, orange yarn tied in pigtails.

I really like making primitive dolls, whether animals or people. This one was particularly fun, because her face is needle-sculpted and she has eyes that aren’t just flat—painted or stitched.

The dress was one I made for my granddaughter, who wore it only a few times before she outgrew it.

The doll’s hair is made from a very fuzzy yarn in a bright orange color and is sewn one strand at a time on her head.

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“And I believe that the best learning process of any kind of craft is just to look at the work of others.” ~ Wole Soyinka