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16 Feb

Little Wooden Houses: Building a Tiny Neighborhood


I LOVE LITTLE wooden houses! So when my son told me he had some scrap wood and asked me if I wanted it, I eagerly said yes. He cut it into house shapes for me, and I spent the day painting and sanding them. I did 13 today, and would have done more, but I ran out of houses. There’s something therapeutic about painting and then sanding little wooden houses. Mine range in size from fairly large (about 6″ tall at the peak) to really tiny (about 1″ tall at the peak).



I sent him some pictures (which he declared cute) and asked him for as many more as he wanted to give me, according, of course, to how much scrap wood he has available at any one time.
I made a Christmas village for my coffee table with the larger ones, and some of the little ones became pendants on necklaces or Christmas ornaments for gifts. The third one from the left in the picture above is my favorite, and will become a necklace for me.


They couldn’t be simpler to make, yet I see some of them on Etsy selling for a pretty penny. But you can make them easily. I guess I could have sanded them first, painted them, and then sanded the edges again, but I figured I’d get pretty much the same result if I just painted them and then sanded them. And they turned out just the way I wanted them to.
All you need is some house-shaped wood, or get someone to make peaks (roofs) on some blocks of wood for you. Then paint them the color of choice and when they dry, add details like windows and doors. Sand all the edges and some of the flat surfaces if you want a really old look, and then seal them with varnish. You could rub some oil on them first, which would give them that antique-y look that’s so popular, too. Easy-peasy!