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Craft Rooms for Creative Minds and Bodies

Craft room makeovers rock. They just do. Isn’t it fun to peruse Pinterest and find the amazing craft rooms that people have posted? I revealed my craft room makeover almost a year ago, and...

A Story of Three Little (Paper Mâché) Pigs 0

A Story of Three Little (Paper Mâché) Pigs

This is a story about three little pigs. All girls. And dressed up to meet you. The first little pig is Daisy. She was my foray into making pig dolls with paper mâché heads. And...

craft room 14 0

Free Printable Memes for Your Craft Room

 I LOVE THESE printable memes… funny, but somehow true as well (which makes them even more funny!!). I thought you might enjoy printing them out and posting them on your walls in your craft room...

glass pebble magnet tutorial 0

Glass Pebble Magnet Tutorial

MAKING GLASS PEBBLE magnets is one of the easiest crafts there are, and they make some of the nicest magnets around, perfect for giving or to put on your refrigerator. I’ve created a simple...


Sharpie Pens: 8 Tutorials for Things to Do With Them

EVERYONE HAS a Sharpie or two lying around.  At least, if you don’t, you should. These pens are like magic! Just them and a little creativity and you have a masterpiece.  Sharpies come in multiple...

primitive doll

Doll- Primitive Collectible

THIS ONE-OF-A-KIND Primitive collectible doll is hand stitched and sculpted to have an unforgettable face! She’s approximately 18″ tall and is made in the primitive style. Hand dyed for a slightly aged look, she...