That Creative Thing

that creative thing

Writing and blogging.

That occupies my mind these days. Writing for clients, writing for myself, communicating messages that are profound or irreverent, sad or funny, long or short. I always have something to say, and I love the language. Grammar is, to me, a puzzle to be solved to convey ideas and thoughts.

Subject matter doesn’t.

Matter, that is. I like to write about whatever interests me and can be a source of information, intrigue, or  involvement to my readers (that’s you). This blog tends to be a hodgepodge of interests and inspiration. Some days I revel in the absurdity of celebrating every day as though it were a holiday, and so I write about the special and unique days in each month. Other times I sing the praises of God and His goodness to us all. I might write to inspire or to entertain, to give you readers a chance to see the world through my particular lens and to maybe open your eyes to a different way of thinking and seeing.

Creating something beautiful.

When I see something beautiful, I immediately start wondering how I can create that same feeling or look with my own hands. I love to get hands-on with a new medium or a technique I’ve never  tried before. Then I want to see how you respond to it and what improvements or changes you do with a similar (or the same) idea. I’m really into bullet journaling and I love hand lettering the pages and finding interesting ways to record things that matter to me. I finished my first journal of more than 200 pages in just over two months.

I want to share what I’m learning with you.

I’m a magnet for information. I love learning new things, and I’m currently working hard to improve my blog. There are a slew of bloggers out there who will willingly share what they’ve learned on their blogging journeys, and I want to be one of them. So as I learn new things and discover new ways, I promise to share it all with you.

And I hope you’ll share, too!

I love comments (like all bloggers do), so I hope you’ll feel free to fill me in on your thoughts. That’s really what bloggers live for, you know! I would like to feature your post on my blog, if appropriate, or have you guest write for me, if you’re interested and we’re a fit. Contact me if you want to share.


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