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Category: Faith

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Messianic Seder at My House

IT WAS a wonderful evening! Our messianic seder meant that we read the Haggadah and ate the meal and made cotton lambs… the kids, really too little to participate, sat in our laps and listened...

Jesus' best man 0

Jesus’ “Best Man”

IN ANCIENT Jewish tradition, there was a specific order things were done. First, a covenant was made between the groom and the prospective bride’s father. Then the groom left the betrothed for an unspecified...

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Christian Passover Decorating!

I’VE JUST about driven myself mad trying to find the perfect, affordable way to decorate for our Seder on Passover. The problem is, there are so many ideas out there! I’m going to post...

The Parable of the Blessing 0

The Parable of the Blessing

JESUS SAT with his disciples on a hillside, teaching the crowds. There were about 5,000 men there, plus women and children. Altogether, the crowd could easily have been 15,000 or more. It was late,...

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A Christian Seder Menu

MENU Chicken soup with vegetables—or—matzo ball soup Broiled asparagus                 Sauteed spinach with basil and pine nuts Horseradish potato gratin Roast beef and onions—or—Slow cooker coffee-braised brisket...

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A Christian Seder

MY FAMILY is Christian, although my husband is a Messianic Jew. We don’t often celebrate the Jewish holidays, but sometimes we enjoy doing it. There is no Biblical mandate for Christians to keep the Jewish feasts...