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Category: Daybook

Daybook #6 — Marching On 0

Daybook #6 — Marching On

Marching On—Daybook Post #6 Though I’m still dealing with the cough left over from last month, I’ve been pretty well during March. Thank the good Lord! Now I can concentrate on spring with my...

Daybook 0

Daybook #5 – Early Spring in Texas

This is my first Daybook post for February. I’ve been sick for much of February. Yuck. Now I’m left with the residual cough that just won’t go away. Everyone I know has been sick,...

Daybook Post #4 0

Daybook Post #4 — A Whole Month Gone!

Can you believe January is GONE?   IT’S MID-WINTER IN TEXAS, and despite the fact that there’s snow everywhere else, we are enjoying 75° weather here. Unseasonably warm, yes. And gratefully appreciated, YES! Thursday...

Daybook Post #3—Giving God the Glory 0

Daybook Post #3—Giving God the Glory

DAYBOOK POST #3! I can’t believe how the time flies! Since this is my third Daybook Post, I thought you might like a little background on how I got here. It all started out...