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27 Feb

Craft Room Reveal: From Chaos to Creative


titleIN CASE you didn’t see the before photos, take a look at this previous post. It shows all the chaos that was my craft room… but the after photos in this post show all the creative it is now!

The room is not large, so it’s hard to get back far enough to take a picture of the gorgeous table my husband and son made for me. (Actually, my husband designed it—with my input, of course—and my son built it for me.)

We took all the furniture out of the room and put in all new. New desk for my computer, new shelving for storage, and—how exciting is this?—my handmade, glass-top, craft table!

Did I mention I LOVE my new craft table?

It has storage in all four corner shelving units and there’s three inches between the glass top and the wood underneath. Ample space for storing my cutting mats, rulers, t-square and such.

I’m in the midst of labeling everything with chalkboard labels (chalkboard tape by Duck brand duct tape) and chalk markers from Chalkseries.

So without further ado, here’s my Craft Room Reveal!

craft tableBecause of the glass top, the windows are reflected in the glass. But you can plainly see the space between the wood and the glass… such a brilliant idea!

Glass-top craft tableAnother photo from the other side of the table, still showing reflections, but at least the windows are not showing.

desk1Here’s my computer workstation. My Curio cutter is peeking into the picture on the upper left, with it’s handmade dust cover on top. The little red and white storage unit holds tools and pens for the Silhouette.

desk2Another view of my computer desk, showing some quilled cards my husband gave me, a cross (in the little box), and a handmade cedar box crafted by my son. Notice my basket of scissors!

etagereThe etagere that holds a few items, including a birdcage given to me by my daughter, some devotionals, a basket holding some fabric, and some things you cannot see in this photo.

Kallax1We used Ikea Kallax shelving units to create storage for my many craft supplies. The labels aren’t on them yet, but they’re coming!

pigsOn top of these shelves are my three little pigs soft sculptures with paper mache heads. You can also see some needle felted animals (a horse is unfinished), my tall knitting needles, and my “Jesus knows me, this I love” sign (soon to be repainted).

Reading nookThis corner shows my reading nook, which doesn’t yet have the reading light that will be beside the chair. Two Kallax shelves hold books and lots more craft supplies. Above the chair is my inspiration board.

Kallax2The view of the Kallax shelves across my craft table.

dollsOn top of one of the Kallax shelves are a few of my prim dolls that I made.

Kallax3Beside my reading chair, this Kallax holds books, jars of thread and buttons, baskets of tape and clips, and more.

Kallax4Here’s the Kallax on the other side of the chair, holding more books and other supplies.

boxesOn top of the shelves is a collection of my handmade boxes.

memesMy craft room memes.

plastic drawersI kept this plastic drawer unit because I needed someplace to house drawings that would keep them out of dust. The middle drawer houses some miscellaneous craft supplies, too. The picnic hamper on top holds pads of lined paper and clipboards.

One piece of furniture still needs to be bought. Since this is the only room we have for a guest room, it has to do double duty. That means we have to  buy a day bed that opens out into a double for guests. We’ve not yet decided exactly what we want, so that’s on the back burner for now.

What are you doing in your craft room?