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03 May

Red and White Puppy: A Tutorial by Susannah

red-and-white-puppy-titleMY GRANDDAUGHTER, who is almost 4, has a red and white puppy that I gave her when she was just an infant. At least it was red and white. Now it’s more just dingy grey and reddish grey. Anyway, we have attempted to find another puppy like it or to substitute another puppy so that we can at least wash the poor old thing, but she’ll hardly let go that long. He only goes in the washer and dryer when she’s asleep and doesn’t have him in a death-grip, which isn’t often. She often sleeps on top of him, and you couldn’t get him out from under her without waking her up, which would start something you don’t want to happen. Ever. Under any circumstances. Ever. Did I say ever?

red-and-white-puppy-1So I decided to make a new puppy for her that is as similar as I can make him, and to hope that she’ll like the new one as much as the old one. I clued her in that I was making her a new puppy and she promptly told me that okay, that was fine, but don’t think that means I can take away the old one. I told her that would never happen. (And in fact, I don’t want her to lose her old puppy. Just retire him!)

So as I go along making this new puppy, I’m going to let you see how I’m doing it. Maybe it will help you get a little one to make room in her heart for a new “bestie” and let go of her old “beastie”!










Sew the puppy from red and white faux fur. Sew body, limbs, ears, and tail using a sewing machine and strong, button thread. (Optionally, sew by hand.)

red-and-white-puppy-sewingSew eye patch on one side of the head, and then sew the two sides of the head together. Turn all pieces right side out.

Pierce the face where the eyes will be and insert eyes following manufacturer’s instructions.

Stuff head and body firmly. Stuff legs and arms lightly and do not stuff the ears or tail. Hand stitch everything in place.

For the nose, hand sew a circle of red fabric on end of dog’s face. Now you have a red and white puppy worth keeping—let’s just hope my granddaughter agrees!red-and-white-puppy-2

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