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Daily Archive: March 6, 2015

Christian seder 0

A Christian Seder

MY FAMILY is Christian, although my husband is a Messianic Jew. We don’t often celebrate the Jewish holidays, but sometimes we enjoy doing it. There is no Biblical mandate for Christians to keep the Jewish feasts...

faux stained glass craft 0

Faux Stained Glass Kids Foil Picture

THIS HAS been one long winter. With the official start of spring just a couple of weeks away (March 22), there’s still feet of snow in my daughter’s backyard. Of course, she lives in Kentucky,...

kids and anger 0

Help Kids Deal With Anger

EVER NOTICE that anger is contagious? Just let your two year old throw a temper tantrum in a public place, or listen to your elementary kid tell you she hates you, or witness a melt-down...